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What to Have in a Vape Starter Kit?

Vaping first became popular as a way to help you quit smoking but now it has its own following because of the different options available. There are many things to learn when you first start vaping and it can be easier to select a vape starter kit as this will have all the essential components.

Generally, a vape starter kit will have a coil, battery, a drip tip where you inhale from and a tank. There are also smaller kits that will not have a lot of parts. But you have to think about the style of vaping and the experience you’re looking for when choosing a starter kit. Depending on which part you select, your experience will change. The battery you select will impact the durability of the kit and the power of the device.

If you are looking for something with less maintenance, there are different models to consider. You also have to think about the style of the drip tip and how much of it comes into contact with your lips and how its diameter affects vapour density. If you are looking for something small and convenient, a vape pod kit is an ideal choice. This is a device that combines a lot of parts into one. These are generally for one time use but you may be able to find some refillable vape pods on the market as well.

A vaporizer pen is another option for a small and compact vape kit. It usually has a separate coil but you will notice many models come with a tank that doubles as a drip tip. The coil is located between the battery and the tank. You will need to replace coils now and then. Tanks will also need replacement after a while. While it is easy to carry, the mall size can make it difficult to clean the narrow tank. If you are looking for something with a lot of power, box mod beast or mod kits are the way to go. There is a high level of customization available with these mod kits and you can change the coils, tanks and the drip tips according to your preferences. There is a main control unit that will help you experiment with different vaping experiences.

E-cigarettes are easy to use and come with low power and produce only a small amount of vapour. It is convenient and easy to maintain as well. The refills to e-cigarettes are cheaper than the tobacco products that are available and if you are trying to kick the habit of smoking, this will mimic the feel of a cigarette and help you gain some distance.

You can choose an e-cigarette with low power combined with a liquid that has high nicotine content if you are a heavy smoker that is trying to get rid of the habit. If you are looking for a smoother experience, you will need to go with low nicotine liquid and this will allow you to use the e-cigar more frequently.