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Stand Up Desks Explained

Stand Up Desks have been around for quite some time now and the main question on everyone’s mind is, are they just a passing fad or are they around to stay? If you want the short answer, it’s yes. They are more than just a fad and have stood the test of time. But if you want the long answer, it’s that not everyone needs a standing desk, so your purchasing decision revolves a lot around what you’re looking for in a desk. In truth, the modern world has become so convenient and sedentary that it is often difficult to get all of the activity that the body requires to operate at its best. This problem extends to literally the vast majority of people in the developed world so you can see why there has been a massive push towards more physical activity in recent years. We all need to find better ways of being active throughout the day.

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Over the years, workplace experts have worked on ways to promote movement within the office, including putting meeting rooms on the far side of the office so that employees would have to walk across the office to attend meetings, putting in open stairwells between floors as well as using standing workstations to promote health. While standing desks are no real substitute for putting on your running shoes and going for a bit of cardio, they can be a very helpful supplement and aid in lumbar health.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros of a standing desk. Research has shown that standing desks can help in boosting productivity. This is fairly simple to answer. By moving from the sitting to the standing position you instantly prime your mind for a state of action which jolts you awake from the stupor of working while sitting. Standing up also burns more calories than sitting. When standing the muscles of the legs and the core are working to keep you stable on your feet. As opposed to sitting down where you are in a position of rest, standing up puts the body on alert and even aids in lumbar health. Users of standing desks also say that the practice of standing and working increases energy and alertness, as well as promotes feelings of engagement. This surprising factor comes across because employees like when their employers care about their mental health and wellbeing. Investing in standing desks is a great way of communicating that to the employees. Of course, standing desks also may have some disadvantages, for example, standing too much can also lead to pain in the joints because of the excessive stress that comes with the position, and unfortunately, there is no real credible long-term research that can back up the benefits of standing desks at the workplace.

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